February 18, 2017

Wow! PyeongChang!

So this blog has been appointed as Wow! PyeongChang! Supporters Malaysia.

2018 Winter Olympic is taking place at PyeongChang, South Korea and I am honored and more than happy to help introduce and promote the event in Malaysia.

화이팅 Hwaiting! 

February 7, 2017

Umrah Ramadan 2016 : The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition

There are some exhibitions around Masjid Nabawi but unfortunately I only had the chance to visit one, the Beautiful Names of Allah exhibition.

It's located just outside the mosque at Gate 13.
There are 2 more exhibitions nearby; about Rasulullah at Gate 8 and Quran at Gate 5.

Opening hours during Ramadan.

If you visit during other months, the timing is from 9-2pm and 4-9pm.

Entrance is free so go visit it! There are also guides who speak English and when I was there, there is one who speaks Indonesian. 

Going through the exhibition gave me goose bumps. There are videos and pictures showing the universe, and scenes of natures along with relevant verses of the Quran, making you think of how powerful Allah is.

The walls are filled with 99 names of Allah and it's meaning.
Honestly, I don't remember all 99  T_T  so I took my own sweet time going through them one by one. Must memorize all of them after this!

Got app also!

Rasulullah's advice..

There's nothing to say except Subhanallah when I exited the exhibition. It really strengthen my faith and I strive everyday to be closer to Allah.

February 1, 2017

Umrah Ramadan 2016 : Buka Puasa and Terawih at Masjid Nabawi

There's buka puasa buffet at the hotel but on some days, I went to buka puasa at the mosque. It was so meriah!! Like a big party going on.

Maghrib was around 7.18pm so I got ready and headed to the mosque by 6.30pm. The whole courtyard was occupied, foods were distributed and we all waited together for the Azan.

There are a lot of sponsors everyday; nasi Arab, roti Arab, Al-Baik, fruits, juices, kurma you name it. Then of course there is free flow of Zamzam water.

So if you have the chance to visit Madinah during Ramadan, ditch your hotel buffet and experience buka puasa at Masjid Nabawi. But don't expect to eat leisurely like at the hotel. You have to be quick here as the prayer commences 10-15 minutes after Azan. 

If you still want to eat the hotel buffet, go back to your hotel after Maghrib prayer cos Isyak is at 9.15pm so you have ample time to eat. Or, you can eat the buffet after terawih. Usually the buffet is still on-going for moreh.

the mosque was full!

waiting for buka puasa time

Alhamdulillah and may God bless the sponsors of my food

ice cream for moreh

If you want to get more pahala, you also can contribute. Just buy something, bring it to the mosque, and sedekah to random people. What I did; I bought 1 or 2 cartons of packet drinks, box of chocolates and biscuits and bags of kurma and distribute it to those who walked past me or sat near me. So easy to get pahala!

After Maghrib a lot of people went back to the hotel or went to eat somewhere nearby so there were a lot of spaces inside the mosque, and I took the opportunity to get the best spot for my terawih prayer.

If you're late, it is so hard to find spaces to pray. Even at the courtyard.

The sea of people!!

this was on 19 Ramadan before we departed to Mecca 

For the terawih, unlike in Malaysia where the bilal and jemaah tasbih, selawat and doa after every 4 rakaat, in Saudi the terawih is straight until 10 rakaat. After 10 rakaat there will be a break about 5-10 minutes before we continue with 10 more rakaat. So total is only 20 rakaat.

Every night we finish one juzuk, so terawih (and we did witir on our own) usually finish at almost midnight. Then back to the hotel, sleep for a while before waking up at 3am getting ready for Subuh. Lack of sleep but I'm not complaining.

I was in Madinah on the last day of Ramadan. Supposedly we flew back from Jeddah but due to some technical issue, we had to return back to Madinah and flew to KL from here. But it's all good. Doesn't matter Madinah or Makkah, I love both places.

 This was on 29 Ramadan 1437H.

The mosque was super packed and the crowd was overflowing to the street cos the Imam khatam-ed the Quran that night.

Watch the video.

*credit goes to the owner of the video*


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January 30, 2017

Umrah Ramadan 2016 : Raudhah at Masjid Nabawi

Previous read: Masjid Nabawi

Raudhah is a small area inside Masjid Nabawi, which extends from the tomb of Rasulullah to his pulpit. Also called the Garden of Paradise, it is the most sought after spot in Masjid Nabawi where everybody wants to be in. Muslims believe that prayers offered at this spot will most probably be granted, that Raudhah is among the few places that is mustajab.

"Between my house and my pulpit, there is a garden from the gardens of Paradise." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

There are limited times for the ladies to visit Raudhah, which is after Subuh until about 10am (last entrance at 9am, then you can wait inside), after Zohor until before Asar and then after Isyak until midnight. I think after Subuh is the best time to visit Raudhah as during this time, it is open for the longest time.

Ladies can enter from the east side, Gate 25. And then just follow the corridor which has been prepared. There are separate exit and entry point to ease the flow of pilgrims, everybody needs to walk in one direction from the entrance to the exit. 

We gathered for Ziarah Dalam in front of Gate 25 at about 8am. Our Ustazah shared some stories on Masjid Nabawi, Raudhah, Jannat al-Baqi' while we waited for the green light from the guards to enter Raudhah. 

If you go alone, you can head straight to Raudhah. But because we were in a rather huge group, and morning is the busiest time in Raudhah for the ladies, we had to wait for a while as I think they want to ease the congestion inside. 

So after a while, the guards signaled us to go in. Just followed the corridor until we reached this courtyard. 

courtyard nearby Raudhah

Under the green dome lies the tomb of Rasulullah and Raudhah is just next to it. At this point we can go in already but Ustazah asked us to be patient as she wanted us to be the last group to go in. 

We did sunat prayers and read Quran here while waiting. 

queuing to enter Raudhah

Then, just before 9.30am, Ustazah signaled us to get up and followed her. As we were queuing, the guards were also calling out all pilgrims at the courtyard to go in and starting to move the barriers surrounding Raudhah which means it's almost time to close Raudhah for the ladies.

Slowly we were moving (or was it being pushed forward haha.. seriously some of the ladies can be rough sometimes sabar je lah) towards Raudhah.

inside Raudhah

Anyway, how do you know you're in Raudhah?

the green carpet inside Raudhah

You know you are in Raudhah when you stepped on the green carpet, while the rest of the mosque is covered by red carpet. Also the pillars in Raudhah has gold trimming and decorations as below picture.

Raudhah borders

Behind the green fence is the tomb of Rasulullah. The first two caliphs, Abu Bakar and Umar are buried next to him. Guards watch this area closely as they prevent anyone from touching the fences, as it is considered idolatry.

When you enter this area, don't forget to give salam to Rasulullah and his companions.

As we were the last group to go in, we had ample space and time to perform the sunat prayers and doa. Semoga all my doas dimakbulkan..

Alhamdulillah, I felt so peaceful here. I don't want to leaveeee so I continued doing the sunat prayers and doa, wishing the time move slowly... until the guard chased me out.


Thanks to our Ustazah for the guidance. I went to Raudhah again on my own a couple of times at the same timing, and got to pray with ease. Oh I always hear people say you should wear black telekung just like the Arabs, so that it will be easier for you to go in. Not so sure but I did wear black telekung during all my visits. But I think whatever color you wear, it all depends on rezeki. If ada rezeki, you will have the chance to visit our Prophet and pray inside Raudhah.

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January 29, 2017

Umrah Ramadan 2016 : Masjid Nabawi

Continuation from here ..

We arrived at the hotel about 9.30pm. Settling this and that, it was a bit late already to join terawih prayer so my sisters and I just rested in the room after check-in, and prayed inside the room.

The prayer time in Madinah is earlier than Kuala Lumpur, except for Isyak.
Subuh was at 4.03am during that time. So right after terawih, I went to sleep. Gotta wake up early tomorrow!

Woke up at 3.15am, bathed, got ready and off we went.

I was in awe the whole time walking towards the mosque. The waves of people at 3 in the morning. All heading to one direction, the mosque. A scenario you'll never see back home.

The nearest gate from my hotel is Gate 13. As I passed the gate, in front of me, standing so majestic is the beautiful Masjid Nabawi. So much love and affection for it. Subhanallah! Can't believe I am here!

17 Ramadan 1437H. My first time visiting Masjid Nabawi and prayed inside the holy mosque.

that very first time in Masjid Nabawi...

We reached the mosque at 3.30am and whaddya know, the mosque was already full! I thought I was early hahaha.. Next time, come 1 hour early to get a good spot in the mosque. Luckily we managed to menyelit and got some space to perform the prayer. No words can really described my feelings at that moment, performing my first Subuh in the holy mosque. Alhamdulillah. I thanked Allah everyday for the opportunity, for being invited to this amazing place.

Done subuh and doing some sunat prayers and reading the Quran, we went back to the hotel to get ready for Ziarah Dalam.

before sunrise

Ziarah Dalam is basically visiting Raudhah, the tomb of Rasulullah and Jannat al-Baqi'.

We were walking to the mosque, passing Gate 13 again when my sister spotted familiar faces walking towards our direction.

It's Lara Alana uols!!! (excited jumpa Lara je hahaha) together with her father, Awal Ashaari. Didn't see Scha Al-Yahya though, perhaps she's still in the mosque.

So happy I got to meet this lil cutie pie cos I've been stalking her IG haha. I knew they were here as well but I didn't expect to see them, cos you know, there's just soooo many people.

No proper photo cos Awal said Lara is afraid of ladies in black jubah hahaha..

We gathered and sit in front of ladies entrance at Gate 25. Our Ustazah told us we need to wait as we came in rather huge group. While waiting for the heads up from the guards, she told us some stories and historical facts about Masjid Nabawi, Raudhah, Jannat al-Baqi' and of course about our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAW. 

Some interesting infos on Masjid Nabawi. 

It was originally built by our prophet, Muhammad SAW, next to the house where he settled after his Hijrah from Mecca to Medina in 622. It has now become the final resting place of him and his two beloved companions, caliphs Abu Bakar and Umar. 

From a small mosque, it underwent many phases of renovations to expand its capacity. Masjid Nabawi is now one of the largest mosque in the world, accommodating over 1.5 millions of worshipers. The mosque has rectangular plan on two floors. I've never been to the upper floor though.

Despite being enlarged, the shiny new mosque still contains the older mosque within it. The two sections can be easily distinguished; the older section has many colorful decorations and numerous small pillars while the new section has gleaming white marble. 

At the heart of the mosque is a small area called Raudhah, which extends from his tomb to his pulpit. It is every worshipers' wish to visit and pray there as according to a hadith, any doa made in Raudhah is never rejected, insyaAllah.   

Visiting Raudhah and the tomb of Rasulullah deserves a post on its own so I'll write about it later.

As for Jannat al-Baqi', this cemetery area is adjacent to Masjid Nabawi on the Southeast and regarded as an important landmark cos it is where most of Rasulullah's close family, relatives and companions were buried. Among them are all his wives except Khadijah, his daughters Umi Kalthom, Ruqiyah and Zainab, his foster mom Halimah, his uncle Abbas and Saidina Uthman bin Affan. But ladies cannot enter the cemetery area. We can only see it from outside the fences.

Some photos of the mosque.

The Inside.

beautiful interior architecture

This dome will slide to open at certain times, transforming a domed chamber into an open courtyard. There are 27 of these.

inner courtyard

inner courtyard nearby Raudhah

inside Raudhah

spacious area, worshipers sleep in the mosque while waiting for Zohor prayers

The Outside.

ladies entrance, Gate 25

below the green dome lies the tomb of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAW

one of the minaret

from the outside

And then, there's the famous giant umbrellas.

These convertible umbrellas provide protection from the blaring, hot sun. They open in the morning for daytime shading, and retract in the evening, allowing residual heat absorbed by the stone floors to escape back into the atmosphere, in less than 3 minutes. 

I heard the process is reversed in winter though. It is closed during the day to allow winter sun to warm the site, and opened at night to retain heat near ground level. 

I took this video before sunrise, at about 5.20am.

Miss this place so muchhhh!!!